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   SUMMITS  # Points, Plans, Slopes in Landscape

  Installation, wood, paint, L 120 xl 103  x 75 cm, 2020.  


This installation is built from different wooden surfaces of varying heights and sizes, which let the gaze pass discontinuously. Each  shape, every surface, every  line, draw a movement,  draw a direction,  created a ripple that plunges us into an abstract landscape. Atmospheric point of perspective, point of  gradual degradation  or softening of the contours showing the depth of the space but a succession of strata, wooden plates, of different shapes and sizes, more or less geometric or organic which induce the idea of a  infinity of plans, from a perspective  unlimited without any hierarchy. All these figures, underlined here and there by a play of flat or rounded colors, oscillating between green, verdigris and blue gray, follow one another, extend or respond in such a way as to create a fluctuating and changing configuration. Horizontality and verticality confront each other, abrogating all linear logic. None  clean break but passages  from one form to another, from one plane to another and sliding  of contours that dissolve  accentuating  depth, depths and distances.  This arrangement encourages the viewer to move,  forced to turn around the work  to understand the whole which with each movement  offers another configuration, new possibilities. These multiple sections  can induce  the idea of hills, plains, slopes, summits, spiers and other ridges positioned at the ubac or adret, so characteristic of mountain ranges, but do not enclose  radically in a definition  geographical  precise . The  inclined planes, suggest the notion of  slope, destabilizing the gaze but also our body balance forcing us to move in order to apprehend the whole which continuously escapes us. The work, however static, becomes mobile by changing its form depending on the position and the point of view of the visitor,  like the mountaineer who discovers, as he ascends, a new configuration of the slopes and summits he climbs. 

The work thus offers itself as a fragmented territory, a tautology of the infinite world, without clearly defined limit, changing and in perpetual movement where all borders disintegrate to form only one and the same place, only one and the same. representation,  or presentation, "The landscape" as a vision  universal of a space which has its own existence independent of us and  beyond all subjectivity




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