Karinka Szabo-Detchart


Plastic artist.

Studies in Plastic Arts at the University Michel Montaigne Bordeaux III (Master in Plastic Arts) and Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux (drawing, painting, photography and sculpture).

Lives and works in Bordeaux.

Theorist and practitioner Karinka Szabo-Detchart enjoys conceptualizing and concretizing. Think and do. Because one cannot do without the other.
His work is rooted at the edge of art, architecture and nature. The artist pushes reflection beyond established borders and seeks to dislodge the origin of forms.

The framework is characteristic of nature, not that of human thought, sclerosing and talkative; this is the purpose of the artist who frees himself from intellectual schemes, frees spaces, transforms looks and opens the mind.
Karinka Szabo-Detchart questions seeks to return to the essential, to the brutality of the first jolt, to move forward, to find something fundamental and universal, a form of expression, a new language that would combine the natural and architecture.

Humanity is at the crossroads of intuition and thought. His works capture this duality, this mixture. The artist seeks this point of balance and tension between fierce nature and rigorous structure. Where architecture traps movement in a fixed structure, the plant keeps in its heart, like a buried treasure, a thinking, mobile and living matter. A vibrant beat that the artist captures to build a new spatial morphology and reveal wild thought. Nature is the geography that we have to think about in order to build other artistic forms.

Karinka Szabo-Detchart's works are metaphysical and poetic. By contemplating them, we understand that artistic thought is an impulse of life.

Text by Sophie Geoffrion, Philosopher.




             ​  EXHIBITIONS


  • Sept 2021 - Drageonaé Vitrusia Corbusia - Botanical Garden - Peixotto Park - Talence.                                           

  • Sept 2021 - Alone on an islet lost in a Slavic ocean - Diffractis in the garden # 6 - Sacré coeur district - Bordeaux.                  

  • June 2021 - A vegetal setting - Rendezvous in the gardens - Bordeaux.

  • Oct 2020 - Nuit Blanche - Passage / Video device- EP7- Paris.

  • Sept / Nov 2020 - Szélhàtar- Sentier des Arts - Port Maubert. Royan

  • Sept 2020 - Contemporary art trail in the gardens of Nansouty - Bordeaux

  •   August / September 2020 - Parasitic - Display route TBM-Bordeaux

  • August 2020 - Tanabata- Aux500diables - Parc des Angéliques- Bordeaux.

  • July 2020 - Pétaoushnok- Exhibition - Aux500Diables - Bordeaux.

  • Setp / Nov 2019 - Ent-Wurzelt / Up-Rooted-Green Hill Gallery-Berlin.  

  •   July 2019 - Standbuy - Gallery 5UN7  - Bordeaux.                                                                           

  •   July 2019 - Diffractis in the garden # 4 bis - WAC Bordeaux.                                                                    

  •   June 2019 - Ex sistere # 2- Diffractis exhibition in the garden  # 4. Contemporary art trail / Season Freedom. Bordeaux.                                                                   

  •   May 2019 - Philosophia Festival - Ex Sistere # 1-St Exhibition  Emilion.                                                                  

  •   April / June 2019 - Conversation in hypha - Forest exhibition. The Iceboxes of the Suburbs. Bordeaux.                                                                                       

  •   June 2018 - Nomade "Diffractis in the garden # 3 - Bordeaux.                                                                   

  •   December 2017  - Protest Stickers - Continuum- Bordeaux.                                                                

  •   Oct / Nov 2017   - Fab'art by Nature - Bordeaux.                                                                          

  • September 2017  - Structural nature -                      International Biennial  Architecture  AGORA -  Bordeaux.                                                                

  •   August / Sept 2017   - Solo show Structural Nature - Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute. Bordeaux.                                                                                     

  • Sep / Oct 2016   - Wisdom - Fab'Art by Nature. Bordeaux.                                                                 

  •   March / April 2016   - Wisdom  - Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute. Bordeaux.




I have always worked on the relationship of art to its origins and its environment, and practice different techniques such as drawing, painting, photography and  installation using different mediums.

In search of new forms of human thought, I started by taking an interest in art in non-European cultures as well as in modern and contemporary artists who draw on it. Art brut, Minimal art, Land Art and Free Figuration were my first sources of inspiration.

  My first steps led me to produce works combining materials and colors made using coatings and natural pigments.  where minimal and biomorphic shapes were inscribed in hollow. I developed materialist paintings by establishing a personal formal pantheon. I gradually gave more importance to the raw color, freed from any formal constraints. Subsequently the material and the color were gradually abandoned to make way for works borrowed from graphics of a Japanese influence.  

Black has gradually taken its place as a graphic sign but also as a “non-color” with unlimited nuances. It became material in the form of paper tinted with Indian ink  processed by superposition and gluing.

  The photo I  practice since my apprenticeship at the Fine Arts has appeared in my works as is or cut and reworked in the form of  photomontage or collage. My Hungarian origins through my father constantly push me to explore new territories with varied cultures and to question the notion of limit.  .  My trips  are the opportunity to capture photographic elements, visual fragments of nature, urban space or other, and serve me as raw or spiritual material to engage in a dialogue between me, my work and the viewer.

  Passionate about contemporary art, installations in indoor and outdoor space,  architectural utopias of artists or architects,  I

I still wonder today about the formal identity of all human creation through the ambiguous relationship, between domination and submission, that art, architecture can maintain  and nature.

I try to offer without imposing a unique interpretation to the spectator or visitor, who, stimulated by emblematic “open” works referring to different fields, can give rise to new associations or connections.

My  installations reflect this. I like to use raw wood without artifice which offers multiple possibilities of exploitation. It is the materials which will impose the technique and not the contrary which leaves the priority to the

"Natural". Randomly hand-cut or more precisely industrially cut,  the pieces of wood, assembled, become organic and enigmatic “ar (t) chitectural structures”, without object or function, abstract concepts escaping all sclerosing semantics  but making "sign  toward " …

Residence / conferences / events:

- May 2019 - St Emilion schools and public animation - Philosophia Festival  

- Oct 2020 - ORLAN conference moderator - Sophie Broca - "The art after" Festival Philosophia Hors Série.

- Sept 2020 -Residence / Public meeting / animation  Arts trail  Royan.

Public collection:

- 2020, CDCHS Saintes