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Slammed # 1

Photo collage / montage, 21x29cm, 2020.

The wall separates an interior space from an exterior space, a territory from another territory, it encloses or protects, unites or separates. Between opening and closing, it reveals to the gaze, orients or hides from the view which hierarchizes, dissociates or distinguishes the space. This characteristic spatiality of China is found in the traditional habitat of houses and towns made up of an enclosed area with a succession of interior courtyards. There is no perspective but an interlocking of successive, nested planes, as Françoise Ged describes it, “  unveiled, masked, in opposition, in tension with a range of multiple relationships with one another.  A Chinese axonometry, seen in depth and from above, presenting the detail and the whole, highlighting several levels of reading, of comprehension envisaged simultaneously… plural possibilities of connection able to develop in a defined space ”.

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