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   Diffractis au jardin # 3, Modular installation in situ, June 2018.  


"From the construction of their homes, men gradually came to other arts and sciences, and their manners, having become gentler, lost all that they had of the rustic and the savage"

Vitruvius (De Architectura, 1st century BC)  


At the origin of this project an old hut crossed by a tree, a dead peach tree which probably did not survive the grafting, and the idea of a successful alliance or symbiosis between Nature and Architecture.

And still this old debate: which of nature or of man through architecture has gained the ascendancy over the other. Here the building resisted while the tree perished. Taking up the idea of an alliance or symbiosis between the two, I was interested in the phenomenon of reiteration of trees which allows them to be constantly reborn as well as their vast  root system. This underground network is the very place of exchanges and mutual aid which allows an incredible mode of communication and a real social life, based on learning, help and memories. trees communicate with each other, respect those who were there before them and warn each other of possible dangers. They form a full-fledged society.

The installation proposes the birth of utopian "trees - architecture" which would reproduce naturally, according to a biomimetic procedure by developing suckers from the roots. A  rebirth resulting from a graft or a whimsical union between nature and architecture.  

  The cube is often the basis of any architectural construction, the primordial framework of vertical elements supporting the roof. A model of simplicity, sobriety which tends to a certain  minimalism see a possible abstraction. This is the same principle applied by primitive man who observing nature, would have had the idea of building a hut by assembling four large branches  erected at the  vertical, with at the top of these posts four horizontal branches then above them two rows of inclined branches united in a point at their top.

The Drageonaés are presented as evolving modules in construction, in the process of becoming, in movement towards the formation of new bio-architectural structures. A Work in Progress inspired and like  induced by Nature. The primitive and the contemporary, nature and architecture merge to form a new “original” Order combining economy of means and materials, simplicity and clarity.

A “Less is more” à la Mies Van Der Rohe.

Karinka Szabo - Detchart

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