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"Newcomers  "(Drageonaé Vitruvia Corbusia)  

Diffractis au jardin # 3, work in situ, June 2018.  

"From the construction of their homes, men gradually came to other arts and sciences, and their manners, having become more gentle, lost all that they had of the rustic and the savage" Vitruvius (De Architectura, 1st century before JC) 

At the origin of this project an old hut crossed by a tree, a dead peach tree which probably did not survive the graft, unless an accidental or natural cause got the better of it.

The installation proposes the birth of utopian "trees - architecture" which would reproduce naturally, by biomimicry by generating suckers, in other words suckers from its roots. A  rebirth resulting from a graft or a whimsical union between nature and architecture.

Botanical Garden, Peixotto Park, Talence, September 2021.

In this installation in the Peixotto Park, there is the desire for a fusion between the greenhouse of the botanical garden and its plant environment. This reiteration shows the importance of the underground network, of the different elements present in the soil and the active participation of water. The work reminds us that under the park, flows the Ars, a stream made invisible but  essential for the life of the site .

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