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Bernard Magrez Grand Prize


Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute - Bordeaux

Collective exhibition

From March 14 to April 10, 2016

This device involves visually bringing together the disparate elements to achieve full visibility and therefore harmony ... the need for everyone to assemble the elements that are given to us in life in order to make the interior synthesis.

The stability, the envelopment, the unity induced by wisdom are represented here by the circle, the most widespread symbol of humanity in the world. In this work the circle is interrupted to glimpse the long journey that takes us to fullness. The part of truth hidden in each one is gradually revealed by the use of a gradation of inked, torn, superimposed and glued papers in order to evoke this game of permanent hide-and-seek  reinforcing the idea of fragility. The slow passage from darkness, the deepest black, ignorance of oneself and of the world, to light, to dazzling white, the truth that is in the heart of every man, as here in the center of the circle,  shows the movement or dynamics needed to achieve it. Blue, symbol of truth and divine wisdom,  is revealed timidly in the form of a landscape photograph veiled by a black screen so as not to betray our interiority.

Each spectator is free to take the path he wants, there is no hierarchy of the gaze, everyone can arrange the panels as they wish and realize the whole of the work. Putting the pieces together to find harmony in your personal achievement. The three panels can also be presented inserted in Plexiglas plates and suspended in the space so that each visitor can understand the path to be traveled and experience it physically.

Karinka Szabo-Detchart.

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