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PROBABILITY OF A FUTURE ARCHEOLOGY (Travertine marble, cement casts and video device, Plant based film) 2021

In this travertine work, an old coping that has become rubble, the rock regains a certain freedom in its functionality and acquires a new  form of beauty. It merges with  plastic packaging castings cast in cement, and became emblematic of a major crisis. The textures, smooth, rough, grainy, polished, oppose and respond to each other through a formal multiplicity. The perfection of the molding and the fineness of the grain of the concrete create a certain stability in this apparent chaos of jagged rocks. The eye searches, wonders, goes from a state of appeasement to a more wandering movement. These volumes challenge us and force us to think about our consumption, our relationship to natural matter, its exploitation, our industrial and polluting production; everything makes sense towards more responsibility.  Presented grouped, these modules send us back to the futuristic image of a megalopolis in the Anthropocene era. Ikhnos appears as a trace of our slow decline, the agony of a misguided humanity. She reveals  what we have  made without being projected, and shows what we no longer want without being able to  undo it. Ikhnos turns into a city, not without value but with negative added value. The work becomes the sign of our break with Nature as an active power - called by Spinoza in The Ethics, Natura Naturans in opposition to Natura Naturata, created and passive nature - and refers to  the debt to be paid to the land.  

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