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PASSAGE - Video device 1mn07s - LA  MINUTE 7 - NUIT BLANCHE 2020 - EP7 - PARIS 

Curator Tamaya Sapé-Triomphe.

This video device stages a penetrable, moving, mobile and changing installation. She  shows the process of appearance of the ineluctable movement of  transgression of limits. The border disappears between the work, the landscape, and the spectator, and no longer erects itself as a line of demarcation, which isolates and encloses but becomes, a place of passage and openness .  tautological, our eye  operates a quick ballet to paradoxically settle  on views borrowed from a certain slowness which lead us to an awareness: The difficulty of changing perspective, of migrating, of leaving, of making a radical change in a world undergoing profound change. different components and by the visual progression from screen to screen, we are confronted with  the unprecedented, the unexpected, the unknown which incites us to surpass ourselves and limits imposed or accepted.

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