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Drawing on paper, 29.7x42 cm, 2019.

Drawing and collage on paper, 29.7x42 cm, 2019.

Marquetry  wood on paper, 29.7x42 cm, 2019.

Series of drawings evoking imaginary control towers, observatories with the look of belvedere from which one could not watch or admire a flattering point of view of reality but on the contrary observe the desolation of humanity. From one figure to another, the forms disintegrate and the volumes give way to a refined graphic thread  suggesting disappearance  of the permanence of things and states, but also the need to return to the essential, to the universal. The line replaces the frozen figure and turns into  open flat surface, then the shape disappears and becomes a simple sign  directing possible, plural and unlimited directions.



                                                    - EX SISTERE # stand outside -



























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