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NOT  TO  T  U  R  E   S  T  R  U  VS  T  U  R  E  THE  THE  E   

Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute 

Solo show

from August 16 to September 17, 2017  



This project questions the relationships of opposition, influence or symbiosis that exist between Art, Nature and Architecture. It is based on a questioning that can range from nature, in fact chaotic, but under the domination of art and architecture, therefore from a nature tamed and subject to man, to a joyful nature reintroduced into creation, up to  an invasive, parasitic, victorious and out of control nature. In these works, I explore this relationship, a fragile and precarious balance between one and the other, and the fight that can oppose or bring them together. I try to show the origin of any artistic and architectural form thought by man, see,  the formal identity of all human creation. It is about understanding if nature is not from the outset and innately the instigator of all  figure and  is not inherently immanent or  transcendent to all human thought.  

Through this project, a rational organization of formal elements is revealed which is sometimes opposed in a warlike way, even violent, to nature. It is the power of human thought which would be the instigator of this fight or this ambiguous relation, between nature, art and architecture, sometimes friends, sometimes enemies. As if man could only live by opposing or imposing himself in his omnipotence and his need for domination.

To conclude, I wanted to renew my gaze on art, nature and architecture, and question myself on the role of each in the appearance of any form, even the most rational and the most functional, in order to breathe new life into the archaic vision some have of the cleavage  different areas of creation. Life and nature are changing, fluctuating, just like art which must not be a finished and fixed object but the fruit of research, reflection, constantly renewed thought.

Impermanence or the continuous transformation of everything  is anchored as the very foundation of life and therefore of art.  


Art, architecture, nature as a common space of globalized and unique creation where as it says  Arne Næss "  man is not located at the top of the hierarchy of living things, but on the contrary inscribes himself in the ecosphere as a part which fits into the whole ”  

Karinka Szabo-Detchart

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