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Poplar wood, painting, 150cmx100cmx80cm, 2019.


Ephemeral and precarious dwelling, of limited size, with often natural materials from the local environment, the cabin is needed in a timely manner in a forest already subject to its own rules.  of "town planning". From the building tree with multiple holes dug by the peaks, to the niches created in the hollow of the roots, the forest has nothing to do with a new parasitic intrusion which would have no particular function in its network. This human grafting can only be achieved if a dialectic takes place between the interior space, the building, and the exterior space, the forest, establishing a great flexibility of use and a feeling of greater freedom. The symbiosis seems unlikely, so much the appetite of man is voracious and uncontrolled. 

The cognitive interruption engendered by human intervention, even in a symbiotic and non-aggressive manner, generates a loss of substance and silence is required again, a state expressed by recovery  concrete gray.


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