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P a S s AGE "Hatàrszèl"
Installation, wooden structure (Douglas fir and fir), buoys, steel cable - L 3mx H 3mxD 3m - Port Maubert - Charente maritime - 2020.

This installation, a porous and mobile suspension, implements a process of appearance of the ineluctable movement of "transgression" of limits. The border (in Hungarian: hatàr) disappears between the work and the spectator and no longer stands as a line of demarcation, which isolates and encloses but becomes, like the sea, a place of passage and of opening where a circulation takes place, one or more possible encounters with oneself or with others. We are faced with this need defined by Tillich to “live and think of the border as a tension between two worlds, two areas that must be put into dialogue and communication. »The interactive work turns into an initiatory journey leading to an awareness: The difficulty of changing perspective, of migrating, of leaving, of making a radical change in a world undergoing profound change. Our movement is constrained by the crossing of suspended elements: stooping, passing by, avoiding, going around, colliding ... The wind (in Hungarian: szél) increases this sensation by rushing freely into the structure. It materializes by producing random shapes and sounds amplified by our movements. This sound spatialization makes it possible to captivate the viewer's attention, to increase their emotional and experimental perception. Through a form in the making, a path where the shapeless induced by the visitor's gesture refers to the unprecedented and to surpassing oneself, the limits imposed or accepted are passable, penetrable and shifting. The borders are not located at the end of a process of life but at the center of each being as here inside the work. Between ebb and flow, water and wind, beyond any shipwreck, in this perpetual movement induced by nature sparkles the promise of renewal.

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