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GIFT, 2021

(Collection of sculptural objects various materials)  


A multitude of objects are presented in this "re-savaged" universe. All of them show an economy of means in the choice of materials and in their production. wool. Natural materials or objects such  moss, sheep's wool, bones, seeds, bugs, lichen, or manufactured or man-made items such as wire mesh, glass balls or the like, are swaddled in lianas  of Muehlenbeckia, a generally very invasive plant. This confinement, or "interference"  goes beyond imprisonment to provide protection and  preciousness to the packaged element. This action reveals, in this coming and going between the shown and the hidden,  the importance and the need for a fusion between all the constituents of living things to better envisage the future. The sculptural object becomes a catalyst, it presents itself as an enigmatic offering which sets in motion the thought and the doing. Art is here to be understood as  Joseph Beuys considered it "  each human being has a vocation to create, hand in hand with his fellows, the conditions for a world overflowing with life ”

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