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  Divergence   (Indian ink, felt pen, collage,  65x50 cm) 2015.

A black and white background made of graphics, becomes a metaphor for an agonizing, chaotic, thwarted nature and bubbling with vitality. The paper collage depicting ghostly buildings of immaculate whiteness and extreme rigor is superimposed on this space.  . One, melts, and the other, form, like two contradictory identities, caught in an infernal spiral, confront each other in an endless fight which seems to continue outside the frame defined by the image. The creative gesture is free and unequal. The lines sometimes with a brush, sometimes with a pen or a pen define by their fiery, indomitable character,  automatic and thoughtless,  an uncontrollable nature. They are totally opposed to the silhouettes  imaginary and unusual architectural designs drawn up in a rigorous way and according to a rational principle, that of linear perspective.


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