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Party v elementary ules  (India ink, felt pen, paper collage, 15X21cm) 2015.

Those  works  small sizes, show a multitude of inked and torn paper collages, contrasting with imaginary, utopian architectural drawings  like the "  paper architectures  ". On the one hand an application of the simplest geometry to the most complex, on the other a  "  a-geometry  Random and changeable. The creative, controlled gesture is no longer in order. The tear, the unforeseen and the accident, the free gesture impose themselves on the paper which becomes a figure "  amorphous  A tolerance for inaccuracy in accordance with the changing character of nature.  elementary particles, free electrons scattered in space, a field of ruins resulting from a macabre explosion but ultimately  joyful which gives hope for a possible rebirth. An opening on the fields of possibilities, a  promise of  future, as after all destruction ...





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