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"  Alone on an islet lost in a Slavic ocean ” 

(Environment, natural objects, straw, wood, hay, sandstone, wool, plant liana, dried flowers, rope, led, video ...) 2021.

The work is offered as an immersive space, where artificiality tries to disappear in favor of the natural to allow everyone to  to "rewild". For the "industrial" man that we have become and who has lost the meaning of life by cutting himself off from the heart of things, it is a question of realizing that "  the living is always the central dimension of all existence ”.

A truly  staging is orchestrated so as to get closer to the natural environment. The  straw, hay, and various species of dried meadow plants replace the ambient mineral. The space evokes the great plain of Hungary, the Puszta,  and its related pastoral and equestrian activities; the presence of sound, visual and olfactory stimuli makes it possible to project oneself into this particular universe and to consider actions. This immersive, complex "garden work"  enveloping, addresses all the senses by associating the frame, water, rocks, plants, animals, marrying the living with the inert, the ephemeral and the permanent, the fixed and the moving ... The past to present. A world in the world, in the privacy of each one where we enter in an intrusive way to look beyond the walls and decompartmentalize the world. The space is transformed, the gaze too. The consciousness of the world is changing. The walls are forgotten, they are no longer an obstacle, they certainly conceal, but reveal everything at the same time. They orient and mask the gaze, bringing new perceptions oscillating between opening and closing. The apparently closed space seems to open up more to come into contact with the light, the stars, the sky, the vegetation, the animals and the ambient air.

  Everyone changes paradigm to reconnect with the origins and the primitive that lies dormant in us, to find authentic gestures, sometimes forgotten or unrecognized know-how,  to better envision the future, reinvent it or reorient it in the era of the Anthropocene, the advent of antispeciesism and the probable collapse of our world.

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