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Series of inked Japanese paper collages, 29x42 cm, 2020.


More than a strict limit, mountain ranges, defined by the clear material discontinuity between air and earth, offer the  look at an infinite quantity of variations, a means of escaping towards new distances and horizons, constantly renewed despite the apparent absence of movement. These collages of Japanese paper with multiple shades of gray  try to express this feeling of freedom, of eternity, of the sacred by emphasizing the impression described by the philosopher Patrick Dupouey, "more than rock, the mountains seem made of light". Ripples, fluctuations, changes of direction or tone participate in the aerial impression and  atmospheric. Far from "  Terrible mountains »chaotic, dangerous places  and diabolical who were opposed until the eighteenth century to the idea of "beautiful", The mountain turns into  a representation of an immaterial and enveloping depth touching on the Kantian idea of the “sublime”, namely what makes me meditate on myself, my nature and my condition. The infinite, the unlimited or the formless which sets in motion the soul caught between two fires: imagination and reason.




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