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Conversation in hypha.

Installation / Environment: wood (fir, mulberry, beech), cables (copper and nylon), SB 1 (2mx3m20), SB 2 (2mx2m 90), SB3 (1mx2m40), 2019.


These three wooden structures offer us a low-angle view of the plant world forcing the visitor to look up or take a step back to understand the whole. The work is built from a surface of organic form,  fluid and refined. She is  perched on wooden pillars, and  allows us to contemplate  the natural communication process between all stakeholders in the forest. The shape does not determine any rigid limit between the gas and the solid but floats in space to accentuate the idea of passage,  a porous border made up of exchanges essential to the proper functioning of the whole The top and the bottom are continuous thanks to a multitude of lintels and pins of different sizes and heights to not interrupt the cycle and create a visual break . Above the aerial part voluntarily reduced to small scale, below the amplified and overdeveloped underground part to indicate the importance of the underground network put in place to establish the proper functioning of this complex and ingenious ecosystem. A tangle of strict lines indicative of possible directions or without predefined shapes,  if not for their function, that of ensuring connectivity between all the protagonists of the forest. The open work is not interrupted within a fixed limit but spreads throughout the exhibition space by entering into relation with other structures or works present by means of copper cables or other materials. It turns into an environment conducive to experimentation for the visitor who can take the right measure of WOOD WIDE WEB.

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